Dark Romantic Club








Dark Romantic Club is a creative community inspired by the private literary salons and clubs of the XVIII - XIX centuries.


We are a  community of associates, sharing many common artistic tastes and views. We always invite  welcoming and positive communication within  the sphere of art.


Our activities include literary soirees as well as trips and excursions, including visits to  museums and exhibitions, trips to  historical and artistic sights, lectures, photo sessions  etc.


Simply defined, if you are looking for an audience for your prose and poetry, or if you wish to discuss your favourite writer's works, or if you would just like  to find companions for a visit to  a museum, you are welcome to join the Club.

The Club is a non-commercial community and has no admission fee.


Why Dark Romantic? Because we are interested mostly in gothic art, horror, dark fantasy, magic realism etc.


We have local branches in Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, and Yaroslavl), the Czech Republic (Prague), Ukraine (Kyiv) and Kazakhstan (Almaty) but everyone from any part of the globe is welcome for cooperation. 


Feel free to contact us via our e-mail address.


"Everyone says that no masters of the arts will appear as the world comes to an end. This is something that I cannot claim to understand.  Plants such as peonies, azaleas and camellias will be able to produce beautiful flowers, end of the world or not. If men would give some thought to this fact, they would understand. And if people took notice of the masters of even these times, they would be able to say that there are masters in the various arts. But people become imbued with the idea that the world has come to an end and no longer put forth any effort. This is a shame. There is no fault in the times" (c) Hagakure